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^st            singular   I = /ni : y u,'

Jst person plural    We = /na : yiT (inclusive plural)

*si person plural     We = /ne : y/ (exclusive plural)

hclushe plural  incledes the listener in the speakers

-,   The equivalent of  this in  Teliigu  is /manamu/

the exclusive plara! the listener Is not Included in the

sPeakers group. The                 of this In Tduga is /me:mu/

* ^

1 2.   Hnd                         /so : gu/ = yoa

Aooiher form of this Is /no : w/

When 2ad person              is used at the beginning of


the sentence It is heard as /no : gu/

If it occures either with a case          or in the middle


of the sentence it Is heard as /no : w/

ta?                                                   is         fttf

no ; ga    pe ; all ungo : w    u : gi

(you)   (your) (village) (went)

" (yoo         to your village)


no ; w pa : y     a : In     a : lo ;     diya : ne ; n


you   they   tocome   asked

(They asked you to come)


at ; y kata    no : w    rayra : y dett


our story you are writing

person plural = /pe ; nu/ = you